Hi there! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I’m a robotics engineer by day and I write for free at night, so every reader means a lot to me. I like writing about African music, politics, and culture, about robotics and hardware engineering, about the mixed experience, and occasionally random things in my daily life which inspire me.

I also recently joined the Medium partner program. Here’s my working policy for what is and is not metered:

I used to write for MIT Admissions, and we had a section for the “best of the blogs”. I thought I’d do something similar: here’s a list of what I consider the best of the best so far, if you want to skip all the fluff.

Editor’s Picks

Posts I think are particularly good, irrespective of anyone else.

An essay on the futility of buying stuff in the face of racist, sexist violence (not actually a listicle).

A hardware manifesto.

Citizen journalism.

A humor essay — also a pretty good primer on my worldview.

A fictional short story.

About me and my particular brand of angst.

Posts That Did Well

Posts that run up the numbers.

A post about robots that was recommended by Medium curators.

A written (and illustrated) glossary of terms and a discussion about the mixed experience.

An in-depth discussion of the SFFA v. Harvard College lawsuit, and a shift in how Asian Americans identify.

The original blog post “Remove Richard Stallman”, a complaint about an MIT visiting researcher, is my most-read post ever. I actually did not include it here since it was a such a flash point for people (and really not what I want to be known for….) but the Appendix contains stories from 30 years of MIT women and a broader description about what’s wrong with STEM culture, and that’s what I wish people would read instead (or at least in addition).

One of my most popular critique pieces on African music, which is something I hope everyone who reads this blog learns more about!

Please let me know about anything at all through a feedback form of your choice — claps, responses, or even an email to askselamie@mit.edu. You can find more of me (if you so desire) on twitter or my personal website.

Last updated April 9th, 2021

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