An Engineer’s Guide to Glowing Up

Half the time, I intentionally wear terrible clothes to work.

Why hello there cold-saw, enemy of all my shirts.
Me as a Baby Engineer. Very un-girly.

Just because she wears glitter doesn’t mean she can’t do math.

(PC my friend Josh for this photo lol)

So where does “Glowing Up” come in?

A helpful chart I made!
  1. Everlane
  2. Aday
  3. Able
  4. Kit & Ace
  5. Cos
  6. Lululemon (yes I know this is a basic af choice, but fight me)
  1. Cuyana
  2. Amour Vert
  3. Oliberte
  4. Senreve (this is an MIT startup!! see, fashion is for nerds too)
  5. Ministry of Supply (so is this!!)



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