The story of how money came to be.

Read “Graeber Explained: A Series”, where I introduce this series and its main concepts, here.

What is money? Especially now, that money is no longer backed by gold or any real, concrete substance? This question is both easy and difficult to answer.

The easy answer is that money is the…

A series of articles explaining Debt by David Graeber

I recently read Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber for the first time. For me, it was transformative. I felt that I finally understood what “the economy” was and the systems that uphold it, and this came down to understanding the central lie of economic theory.

The central…

Choose Humanity

The conflict in Ethiopia, where the majority of my extended family lives, continues to escalate. For the first time in my life, I fully comprehend the threat of destabilization of a place I hold dear to me.

In describing the situation to others who were not familiar, I reiterate the…

Dusting off cobwebs after not writing….

I haven’t published on this blog in a record 2.5 months — my last blog post, conveniently titled “August 2021”, more or less explains why, although it wasn’t intended to be any kind of break announcement. Rather, the heaviness of the world today required some sifting through, and still I…

writing about coping.

I keep trying to write about depression and failing, because everyone is depressed right now and there is already so much despair.

So I’ll keep it short and to the point.

The planet burns. A global pandemic runs rampant. A global oligarchy continues to pull all the levers, and destroy…

Especially in a country more multiracial than ever before.

Yesterday, the 2020 Census redistricting data was released, along with demographic data about the nation. The share of the population that was “two or more races” grew faster than any other group.

The share of the nation that identified as “two or more races” or “multiracial” was 9 million people…

I’m sorry; once again, this won’t be a post about robots or intersectionality; it will not be thoroughly researched or particularly polished or even edited. It seems like these brain-dumps are all I can manage these days, as the heat and the constant feeling of dread in the background zap…

And re-closing, too.

This past Sunday I went back to my yoga studio in-person for the first time in a year and a half. At the end of the practice, I lay on my yoga blocks in fish pose, a “heart opener” according to the instructor. It’s a vulnerable position, with your chest…

Selam G.

MIT grad, robotics engineer, mixed. A place I write.

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