Hi there! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I’m a robotics engineer by day and I write for free at night, so every reader means a lot to me. I like writing about African music, politics, and culture, about robotics and hardware engineering, about the mixed experience, and occasionally random things in my daily life which inspire me.

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I used to write for MIT Admissions, and we had a section for the “best of the blogs”. I thought I’d…

writing about coping.

I keep trying to write about depression and failing, because everyone is depressed right now and there is already so much despair.

So I’ll keep it short and to the point.

The planet burns. A global pandemic runs rampant. A global oligarchy continues to pull all the levers, and destroy grassroots movements before they begin. I am a woman who is sad, frustrated, and doesn’t know what to do with the remainder of her life, and everyone else is pretty sad and frustrated too.

I learn that there are no therapists. All the therapists are booked.

I am not in…

Especially in a country more multiracial than ever before.

Yesterday, the 2020 Census redistricting data was released, along with demographic data about the nation. The share of the population that was “two or more races” grew faster than any other group.

The share of the nation that identified as “two or more races” or “multiracial” was 9 million people in 2010 and is now 33.8 million!

This is a 276% increase, and comes despite the fact that some groups such as Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) are still categorized as White by the Census, meaning even more people could be considered multicultural at least. The increase is due to genuine…

I’m sorry; once again, this won’t be a post about robots or intersectionality; it will not be thoroughly researched or particularly polished or even edited. It seems like these brain-dumps are all I can manage these days, as the heat and the constant feeling of dread in the background zap me of motivation. Yet strangely, it’s also times like this when I am the most motivated to write. …

And re-closing, too.

This past Sunday I went back to my yoga studio in-person for the first time in a year and a half. At the end of the practice, I lay on my yoga blocks in fish pose, a “heart opener” according to the instructor. It’s a vulnerable position, with your chest bared open to the world. I closed my eyes, trying to let my back muscles relax around the blocks. I tried to let go of the tension that was there, the tension I could notice and couldn’t notice.

To me, the process of “reopening” has been not only a series…

This weekend I attend a party, to mark enslaved people freeing themselves in the united States.

The holiday feels heavy, but, as I walk toward a line of colorful outfits, coily hair, and a symphony of fragrances, I am glad if this means Black people will have an excuse to seize joy today.

The bar fills up quickly, music's already poppin.

I don't know this place. The Black bay area is its own nation. I'm not familiar with the music that gets a whole crowd going after three beats. But I can laugh and vibe.

My bag starts to feel…

(not really sure what this is about, to be honest)

Content Note: This post contains some heavy topics, like the mention of suicide and depression.

My freshman year at MIT, three students committed suicide.

It is not something that I talk about that often, but I do think about it frequently. It was the worst year for undergraduates of my time there, I believe, but even worse, it would not be the last year that a suicide occurred. I remember acutely that the first time it happened was just after the first final for most freshmen.

Some people at other schools said that MIT should not have broadcast these incidents…

To be “professional” is to be “masculine”.


let us address the obvious fact that at our current moment, dominant cultures across the globe still treat gender as very binary, and tied to sex assigned at birth. Women are encouraged to present as feminine from an early age. This suits some women, and it does not suit others. Obviously, nurtured towards a feminine presentation and under the pressures of social expectations, many women do ultimately fall somewhere on the feminine side of the gender presentation spectrum. And so, to exclude femininity, to always code it as superficial or stupid, is to exclude women.

2. BUT,

we can also decouple femininity…

Bare minimum binaries…

Author’s Note: To my regular readers, sorry, I know this differs from my usual content and I’m supposed to be a hardware engineer, but this was sooOOO000 frustrating and I had to figure it out myself so I am giving back to the stackoverflow-answer-ers and authors-of-medium-blog-posts-about-very-specific-software-issues, because I have read A TON of those. Plus, dealing with rando firmware issues is an all too frequent struggle for hardware engineers. Of course, I’m also not paywalling it for the same reason, to give back to the community after reading many similar posts trying to figure out weird problems like this. …

The systemic inequality in our tax code.

— MY MOTHER owns her own tax and accounting business, and so in a funny way, tax policy was a regular dinner time discussion topic in our household. My mother explained to me the ways in which things like the Affordable Care Act affected tax policy when it was passed, and how tax policy was tied with politics. But beyond that, it often struck me how much my mother, a tax preparer and an accountant, had to be involved in other people’s lives. Everything shows up in your taxes and finances— marriages, divorces, deaths, births, family conflicts. She was often…

Selam G.

MIT grad, robotics engineer, mixed. A place I write.

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